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Globe Hope

Karkali and Maltio
The large Karkali and smaller Maltio handbags are made of bright-coloured, lovely soft dead stock fake furs. The top of the bag has vintage leather taken off recycled leather jackets. The bag has an adjustable shoulder strap and a small zip-up pocket inside the bag.

The Kinnula clip handbag is made of wool felt trousers that used to serve in the Swedish army during the 1940-50's. The top of the bag has ha hand-printed wood pattern decoration. The bag has an adjustable shoulder strap.

The Raita clip handbag is made of graphically patterned army tent raincover. The olive green bag is lined on the inside and has a long adjustable shoulder strap.

This lovely handbag is made of grey army sack canvas that has been hand-printed with a beautiful hot air balloon print. The shade of the grey canvas varies from one bag to another. The bag is lined with either vintage flannel or colourful worker wear fabrics. There's a zip-up pocket inside the bag to ensure your small items stay in place.

The Taana bags are made of old blankets that have either served in a Finnish womens prison (checkered felt) or lived as a warm blanket in someone's home (colourful felt). The bag is lined with assorted fabrics.

The Kieleke bag is made of a woollen Swedish army winter jacket. The pockets on the side of the bag are the original ones taken from the jacket. You can see the original "tre kronor" buttons presenting the three crowns, which is the Swedish army emblem.
The bag has an adjustable shoulder strap and a zip-up pocket on the inside. The leather details have been cut off a recycled leather jacket.

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